[ INNISFREE ] Innisfree 膠囊食譜套裝 10 ml # 綠茶 ( 睡眠中套件 )

[ INNISFREE ] Innisfree 膠囊食譜套裝 10 ml # 綠茶 ( 睡眠中套件 ), Korean, 化妝品 , INNISFREE, 84500-JP, , koreanmall




1. Hydration with green tea extract (100ppm of green tea solution)

2. Moisturizing sherbet-like texture

3. A sleeping pack that is smoothly absorbed into the skin (Keep it refrigerated to boost the effects) [NEW Capsule Recipe Pack]

1. Solutions catering to different skin problems It offers solutions for moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, skin tone and texture, pores and

specific skin problems

2. Sleek and simple design Extra cap is added to help keep it fresh for next use

3. A variety of Capsule Recipe Pack Simple wash-off type for use during shower, easy-to-use sleeping type before going to bed and cooling

type to be kept refrigerated for skin soothing


[How to use]

Apply the desired amount of Capsule Pack that has been kept in the refrigerator. At the cream step of your basic skincare routine, evenly

spread all over your face and go to bed. Wash your face in the next morning. You can also use it at room temperature. 








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[ INNISFREE ] Innisfree 膠囊食譜套裝 10 ml # 綠茶 ( 睡眠中套件 )



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